Katya Sarria | Graphic Designer & Animator
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Hi, I’m Katya, industry expert designer and animator

Hi, I am Adam, an industry expert

I am a curious individual who is passionate about science, math, and technology. I am a habitual knowledge seeker who loves knowing how things work. In my spare time I like to bike and play video and board games.

I have worked for 3 years as a high quality support agent for various clients in multiple languages.


I am ready to move to your company’s city if needed.

I am never late and I am always very punctual with my deadlines.


I’m looking to learn new technology. My interests are in web development, databases, & mobile apps.

Selected Work

Check out some of my past work for clients.

branding / social media / video editing

You need design.

Let’s talk.

Interested in working with me on a project? Send me an email.


Check out some of my work and connect with me on LinkedIn.


I graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelors of Science in Communication, majoring in Advertising Management with a minor in Marketing.


Currently, I work at Softtek Integration Systems as a graphic designer and video editor.


Talents include but not limited to: binge watching a TV series on Netflix, having the patience to (eventually) figure things out, and knowing the wrong lyrics to a song.