Katya Sarria | Born Free Pet Shelter
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Born Free Pet Shelter


Rebranded a nonprofit organization probono

Awards and Recognition

Silver Addy Award, American Advertising Federation Miami, 2016

Mobile App

The app was designed for those who want to view the list of dogs available at Born Free Pet Shelter. This app is an exercise in the front-end design creative process, following the creative process of sketches, low- and high-fidelty wireframing, and prototyping. The low-fi wireframes of the application were made using Sketch and then prototyped on Invision Studio. The prototypes were shared amongst those I knew who were interested in adopting a dog to see the ease of app usage. This project was created with both front-end user interface design and functionality in mind.

More Info

To view the full brand guide for Born Free Pet Shelter, contact me.

branding, social media, UX/UI